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  Christie Meet MeAuthor:

Hi there!  I’m Christie and I’m super excited that you have visited my blog!  I’m new to this entire blogging world and am eager to see just where I go with it.

I ‘m a wife and a mom.  In a nutshell, I’ve always been passionate about kids. I’m an elementary school teacher recently turned stay at home mom.  I love children’s literature, fitness, health, gf and paleo recipes, and of course my boys (hubby, toy fox terrier, and the little one who stole my heart:).  I am a p90x and Insanity grad and I love winding down with yoga.  In 2013, my family went through the hardest time of our lives to date, when my health spiraled backwards. The experience inspired us to not only turn the difficult time into a truly positive one, but forced us to change our chemical filled, gmo diet that we (and many Americans) didn’t realize we were consuming; permanently changing our lifestyle for the better.   This blog is inspired by that.  I am not in any way a doctor or even nutritionist, I listen to my body.  In creating and making so many recipes in our pod that were allergy friendly for our family to enjoy, we thought it would just be too selfish to not share some of our favorites with others.  

(I’m grateful to report that I’m much healthier and overall feeling better!  For more on my health struggle, visit “My Fight”)


Kevin Meet Me (2)The hubby

Kevin is my best friend, although it could be argued that he is now “P’s” bestie.  He is my Mr. of 10 years and an incredible father.  Kevin has a lot of hobbies, playing guitar to name one and works incredibly hard at his job.  He loves to beat me at tennis and we can usually be found poolside, or at the beach on weekends soaking up the sun.  He is usually the one to get the family out on bike rides, or other outdoor activities to explore. I could not be where I am today without him!!



                                   The “gluten-free kid”:

Paxton MEET ME

“P” is our now 6YO and is such a sweetie!  Like many kids today, he is an avid watcher of the YouTube kids channel, specifically Evantube and Ethangamer TV.  He loves designing and building in Minecraft, or playing Legos during his off iPad time, but long story short, he’s an avid iPad junkie.  In fact, he’s taken it upon himself to claim my iPad as his own.  How did that happen?  Paxton is great at testing my gluten free recipes, more specifically my sweet treats, and giving his honest opinion.  I love to find time to bake with him.  He will tell you his favorite food is a good chocolate chip pancake.  He’s getting his feet wet with a new sport each season it seems.  Lastly, he really tries hard to win over our dog’s heart, but has learned that mom is still and  probably always will be, Banner’s favorite.  #lovehimtopieces



The salty-dog: Banner MEET ME (2)

This 9 year old male toy, fox terrier is my shadow.  Everyone says they can always tell what room of the house I’m in, because Banner is sure to be there too.  Banner is known as the sassy one in the pod.  He enjoys hunting whatever he can outdoors, and loves a good walk.  He can often be found napping on anyone’s bed that is available (where he is NOT supposed to be…”BANNER, get down!”); he’s not picky.  He loves to chew on a good soggy bone and his favorite play activity is tug-of-war with his monkey chew toy.   He kind of likes the beach too.




                                                                                                                                                                    xo, 3 whole peas


  1. Ne ne | 26th Jul 15

    We love all of you peas!!

  2. Roberta Habowski | 29th Jul 15

    Great blog! I look forward to following you and your family on your cooking and other adventures.

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