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Daily Archives: December 6, 2016

I Work Ouuu-wt! A Guide to Protein Powder

If you’re like most people that are working on their fitness, chances are at some point, you just may have been faced with the dilemma of what protein drink to choose post workout.  With so many companies out there promoting their products, it can be a very intimidating task.  Then you’re faced with whether to choose whey, soy, pea protein and on and on.  Help!!

If there was just one thing that I wish I had known to look for years ago when choosing protein to fuel my body, it would be to look for clean ingredients in my protein powder.  I mean real, I mean organic, I mean truly good for you.  There can be SO many unnecessary ingredients in these marketed products that well, aren’t actually all that great for you if we’re honest here.  

Of course in our pod, gluten and dairy free is a must.  We said goodbye to an old favorite, Ump protein powder a while back.  Although it delivered yummy taste, for us whey had to go along with many other ingredients it contained.  Currently, I’m using Vega brand vanilla flavored protein and greens because it is non-gmo verified, is gluten free, has no sugar added with only 6g carbs, and packs 20g of plant based protein in just one scoop!!  We find our protein mix at Target, Whole Foods and even Costco.  It is also available online at Amazon.  

 Vega Protein

In my findings, the only ingredient I truly wish that I could change about the product I use, is that it does contain xantham gum as its very last listed ingredient.  So, if you do have to avoid gums and fillers, then this drink mix may not be for you.  Fortunately, xantham gum doesn’t seem to bother me right now however, I’m really eager to get my hands on Rootz Nutrition Paleo Protein.  Have you tried it?  It supposedly has zero gums and fillers!

Vega mixing

Now when I was contacted by Sally Edwins from, a website dedicated to revealing the truth behind products and industries, I knew this would be a post many of our readers could find beneficial.  According to Sally, their research team “spent 180 hours researching 697 protein powder formulas by analyzing their ingredients, consulting with sports nutritionists, as well as scouring reviews and scientific publications. Along the way we discovered that an alarming amount of these products contain dangerous substances and additives, and now we feel the need to get the word out. Ultimately, we found eight protein powder formulas that have the highest quantity of effective ingredients, without the superfluous nonsense.”

Pretty interesting stuff, right?!  You may check out their full resource here: 
They’ve done the hard part for all of us!  Plus, I was super pumped to find that the protein I choose, made the “best overall” list.  
So, did your protein of choice get reviewed?  Take a look!
Love your body enough to fuel it with the right stuff, and just keep moving!!