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Rocky Road Fudgie Bites Rocky Road Post Cover


Fudge is the perfect treat, and we think, definitely one of the the BEST Valentine’s Day treats!!  It can be made with just a few simple ingredients too.  This Rocky Road Fudge is a delicious combination of chewy and crunchy, sweet and salty, all rolled into one bite.  This recipe is not by any means a 3 whole peas original, but rather one we are recommending, because, well, it just tastes SO good.  

We really loved the idea of jello brand’s rocky road fudge recipe, so in an effort to make the fudge more “clean” for our palates, we made it with organic ghee (rather than butter), nongmo gluten free chocolate, organic peanuts and even swapped out the Kraft marshmallows with Elyon brand mini mallows.  Use organic powdered sugar too if possible and you’ve almost got yourself an organic fudge!  If by chance you have a peanut allergy (or follow a more paleo like diet), do not get discouraged!  If you tolerate tree nuts, why not swap out the legume for almonds?  Yum!  Or you could just omit the nuts altogether, problem solved.  No one should go without this tasty fudge.  If ghee doesn’t agree with our dairy free readers, try Earth Balance buttery sticks.  🙂

For once, this gluten free recipe adaptation doesn’t even need to be modified in terms of measurements or quantities, it’s already naturally gluten free with the right chocolate, so you don’t even have to add in extra ingredients in order to make it taste as good as the “gluten filled kind” either (haha).  We find it super easy to follow!  February Valentines Rocky Road 101

Chop up these fudge bites and gift them for a loved one in a cute box with red yarn or string, or even gift some for a neighbor, friend, or your child’s teacher!  If you eat them yourself, well, we won’t even tell:).  Oh, and don’t forget the coconut milk to wash it all down, you’re gonna need it!!!  So sweet!!February Valentines Rocky Road 108

With “heart day” right around the corner, you can quickly get the recipe over at and start cooking today.  After all, “I really regret making this”, said No. One. Ever. 

We were SUPER tempted to omit the jello brand instant chocolate pudding altogether (in effort to ditch the chemicals), or at least swap it out for organic chocolate pudding,  however we caved when our Whole Foods was out of it.  Nooo!  (Once in a great while, for a holiday treat, we’ll do that….not good, I know.)  Rocky Road Fudgie Bites
  Enjoy chocolate lovers!  

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